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"HERself Expert: Dr. Angel Montfort on The Keys to Finding Who You Are as a Mother."

Episode 84

Released: 7/12/2021

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"Self-Compassion in Motherhood, with Dr. Angel Montfort."

Episode 83

Released: 4/23/2021

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"Postpartum: The Forgotten Trimester."

Season 2, Episode 10

Released: 4/21/2021


"Calling all Mamas: Let's Talk about Race, Mental Health, and Motherhood with Dr. Angel Montfort."

Released: 7/13/2020

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"Planning for Back to School with Dr. Montfort."

Released: 6/27/2020


"I Had Postpartum Depression and Didn't Know It."

Season 1, Episode 17

Released: 5/5/20

Quotes & Publications

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Serena Williams' Comments on Mommy Guilt Resonate Deeply With Black Mothers

Published: 4/18/2022


Help for Pregnancy Blues on News Channel 8, Tampa Florida.

Published: 1/22/2021

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How to Manage Exhaustion When Your Kid Just Won’t Sleep.

Published: 11/17/2020


The Women Shaping The Future Of Mental Wellness.

Published: 8/21/2020

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Mothering Black Children Comes With Invisible Weight, And This Graphic Perfectly Sums It Up.

Published: 6/18/2020

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How to Plan a Successful Return from Maternity Leave.

Published: 8/8/2019


How finding a support system can boost maternal mental health and aid in breastfeeding.

Published: 8/1/2019

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Mindfulness for Postpartum Depression: Can It Help You?

Published: 6/4/2019

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How to tell a friend they've upset you without making things awkward.

Published: 5/8/2019


11 Surprising Things That Shouldn’t Lead To A Break Up, But Can.

Published: 5/21/2019

Perinatal Mental Health Conference

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Vibrant Momma

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Growing & Glowing

Grow and Glow.jpg

During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, the CFMMH partnered with Growing and Glowing as a contributor for the "Meet the Experts" project to provide some comfort and guidance to women of color to better manage motherhood during these trying times. The Q & A session is captured below in a series of videos.

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