In an effort to maintain safety of clients and of staff, all sessions at CFMMH will be conducted via telehealth until further notice. Developments regarding COVID-19 have led to many changes for all of us and we have taken steps to ensure that you can continue to prioritize your mental health. Whether you are sheltering-at-home, working extended hours, or home-schooling your little ones, telehealth can provide a unique combination of ease and flexibility. Telehealth is the use of communications technology to provide virtual and long distance mental health care. It's like FaceTime with your therapist, through a secure HIPAA-compliant web-based platform. These sessions are the same length as typical sessions and consist of the same content and the same connection with your therapist. The only difference is that you are able to attend therapy at home or even in your car (if you are alone and the car is not moving), and you are able to maintain social distancing efforts while tending to your new normal. Please contact our office to learn more about receiving therapy in the comfort of your own space, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.